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We only look expensive....

every business has a myriad of reasons for not branding:  not enough money, not enough time, or don't understand what a brand is...

We’ve being working with small businesses for quite a few years. In that time, we’ve found  there are typically three reasons most business are not branding. They are very common and every business is challenged by them: It’s too expensive, It requires too much additional time or the common question -- WTF is a brand, and why the hell do I need one?!?


Money is ALWAYS an issue for a small business. You never enough and what little you have, never seems to go very far. Sure, It’s good business to be frugal, but should it have to be a necessity for survival? Having some savings gives you some level of peace of mind. Conversely, you also know that every business must grow if it's going to survive, and growth costs money.

So, how do you grow your business and not spend any extra cash? A strong brand. Brands costs very little to maintain, but they vital to the success of every small business. Brands are the oxygen you're business needs to live.!


Time is a commodity that is always in very short supply, even more so if you’re a business owner. Eight hour days, vacations, summer Fridays? What are those? There's plenty “on you're desk" to do every day. That’s before you can even think about sales or marketing, let alone vacations and days off. Networking? You’ve got even less time for networking. We get it, it’s a conflict that seems difficult to resolve, but it’s easier than you think, with a vibrant brand


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Whatever size your business, small as the dining room table, crowded in the garage or a tiny office in a large strip mall; you need to present an image that's larger, bolder and more memorable than everyone else. You more than any other group need to be easy to remember and very hard to forget.











The question we get asked most often is: "why should I work with you?" Typically, it's phrased more along the lines of something like: "what's so special about you?" but thankfully we're not easily offended. It did take us awhile, though, but eventually we deciphered that to mean: "...what benefits does my business get from doing business with the Design Office? What's the ROI?" It's what everyone wants to know. It's why you're here reading this. Right? Inquiring minds...


Our core belief is that brands are stories, stories about your business boiled down to an easily recalled idea and image. Marketing is then telling those stories in unique ways to people you don't know yet. Successful brands tell genuine stories that are easily and consistently repeatable while resonating with consumers. Using that definition, can anyone and anything can be a brand? Yes, they can and they should think of themselves as one.


Every client we work with sees themselves as a brand. Where we come in is to work with them to see the possibilities inherent in their own brand. Sometimes for the first time, sometimes like seeing an old friend again for the first time in a long time. We show them how their brands give their marketing faster recognition with consumers. Brands connect because they are easy to share and explain. Brands mean business. It's becoming a fact, you won't survive as a small business, unless you start thinking of yourself as a brand.


That's what makes us different

There are a vast number

of ways to get people talking.

Some good, some great.

Some not so great, really not so great....

We do not subscribe to the notion that any PR is good PR.  There's a lot of bad PR out there right now being sold as good PR. As a small business, you know, positive word of mouth is vital to the success of your business. What people are saying can literally effect your bottom line. Unlike medium to large business that can survive bad word of mouth, as a small business, you may not. You know Bad PR travels fast and far. It can be difficult to ride the wave for you. If only there was a way to ensure greater marketing success?


There is...they're called Brands!





 It's hard to excite someone with:

"...he's the best dry cleaner you should try him."  but say: " kid got marker on my most expensive suit;  Bill's dry cleaning got it out and made it look new."

That's a shareable story

I can only assume that most people don't
go to work intentionally looking a hot mess.

I'm sure some do, but let's assume most don't go into the office all disheveled, looking the worse for wear; a down right embarrassment...if we're being completely honest.


We can't throw stones, we've been there, we all have; but back then we didn't care! Screw the man! It's not your business! But we all got wiser, we all realized; it's time to move on, we're not twenty any longer and the business we're screwing is our business. We learned, if you want to be taken seriously, respected by potential clients, you have to look and talk the part.


If that's the basic assumption, then let me ask you this? Why would you give your clients collateral and marketing materials that look and feel cheap, are poorly executed, feels like ya just don't care. If we're being honest...isn't it just little bit embarrassing? Now the business is your business. The respect you're trying to earn is the respect of potential clients. Clients who are immediately, and quickly judging you...probably harshly.

I can only assume most small businesses must think :

", that's something for the big guys. That's not for little guys like me."

That's so wrong!

The Man, The Myth...



What do you get when you mix Mad Men, Hanna Barbera and
comic books? We don't know, but it sounds a lot like E. H. Howard!

E. H. built the Design Office on a simple idea: Affordable Branding For Small Business. Branding and marketing became synonymous a long time ago. Focusing on branding and marketing separately only leads to failure. Focusing on sole on branding we naturally and organically cover any and all marketing points effectively and consistently. We bring his the big, corporate in-house experience to small businesses. We act like the marketing department businesses had in the past.


You know, the one right down the hall, next to the water cooler, there on the left, you can’t miss the Design Office. You can pick up the phone, ask a question, email us and ask our opinion.


We don’t charge for any of that, it’s all part of the affordable in-house services.